Why I Started Leader School Inc

I just want to give a bit of background as to why I started Leader School Inc.

Over a 15 year career in the Canadian Armed Forces, I’ve been led by some of the best leaders I could have ever asked for. I’ve been in positions where the work was down right miserable- cold, wet, tired, hungry – but the experience was second to none because of the leadership and the culture of the organization I was working for. In the same career, I’ve also been shown multiple examples of what poor leadership could do. I’ve been in positions where the work was amazing, but the culture and leadership did not allow me to enjoy it, actually, the poor leadership and culture had a massive demotivating effect. I have experienced, first hand, what a leader with real care for the mission, people and organization can do , as well as the damage that an uncaring and ego based leader could do.

The tipping point for me to turn experience into action was when my fiance got her “dream job.” This job had it all. It was dynamic, creative, and she got to travel the world doing it. It had everything… in theory. But in reality, it had poor leadership, a poisonous work environment, and a culture that bred mistrust. The reality of this job had huge negative effects on my future wife’s mental health, our home life, and our relationship. We are not the first people to have this type of story, and we won’t be the last. This is not okay.

This is why I created Leader School Inc. I truly want to demonstrate the importance of what strong and healthy leadership can bring to any organization, and equally as important, how poor leadership can effect everyone in an organization.

I am in no way claiming to be a “leadership expert.” I am just a person who was afforded the opportunity to be a leader for the last 15 years of my life for various teams, with various objectives and under various levels of stress and hardship. I’m lucky enough to have learned the practices of some great leaders, and learn the lessons of some poor ones – not to mention the many leadership mistakes that I have made in my own career. I’ve spent the last 15 years absorbing everything I can, and reflecting on what worked, and what didn’t. Now my vision is to share all that experience with as many people as I can. I hope that what we do with Leader School will result in a movement of strong leadership both in the work place and out. Leader School is built on the principle that leadership should be trained and practiced at the earliest possible stage to set the proper foundation, and then be continuously built upon. Everyone can be a leader.

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